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Shishō (師匠?) is a Japanese title used to refer to or address teachers or masters of traditional Japanese arts including, but not limited to, combat sports and musical instruments.

The word is combination of the kanji shi (?), meaning "teacher", and shō (?), meaning "craftsman".

The students or disciples are referred to as deshi (弟子?). They are usually addressed with their real names or nicknames.

Famous shishō in puroresu

Almost every pro-wrestler was trained by somebody. Below is a list of some of the significant shishō-deshi relationships in puroresu.

Tajiri used to refer William Regal as "shishō" earlier in his WWE run as Regal's tea boy. That caused the Japanese audience to start chanting "shishō! shishō!" during the match where Tajiri & Regal won the WWE World Tag Team Championship on 2005/02/04 in Saitama, Japan.