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WWWA World Singles Championship was a puroresu title controlled by All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling and sanctioned by World Women's Wrestling Association. It was a flagship title for AJWPW and also considered as the most prestigeous championship in joshi puroresu (often in women's pro-wrestling in general).

It was created after Mildred Burke disputed her one-fall loss to June Byers during a 2-out-of-3-falls match on 1954/8/20 in Atlanta, Georgia for the (NWA) World Championship. Burke started WWWA in California with herself as the champion.

The title stayed in Japan after Kyō Aiko defeated Marie Vagnone in 1970 to become the third champion.

AJWPW closed in 2005/4; however, then-champion Maekawa Kumiko in her retirement match in 2006/3 against the former champion Takahashi Nanae. Takahashi won the title but retired it by returning the belt to the former AJWPW chairman Matsunaga Takashi immediately after the match.

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