Nakamura Shinsuke

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Nakamura Shinsuke
Ring name(s) Nakamura Shinsuke
Real name Nakamura Shinsuke
Billed height 188 cm (6 ft 2 in)
Billed weight 111 kg (240 lb; 17.5 st)
Born 1980/2/24 (1980-02-24) (age 38)
Mineyama, Kyōto, Japan
Shishō Kido Osamu
Debut 2002/8/29

Nakamura Shinsuke (中邑真輔?) is a Japanese professional wrestler.

In amateur wrestling

After graduating from Mineyama High School, Nakamura entered Aoyama Gakuin University, where he would eventually become the captain of the wresting team as well as a member of the fine art club. He won the 1998 JOC Cup All Japan Junior Championship in free-syle at 83kg, was ranked 3rd in the 2000 World University Championship at 85kg and 4th in the 2001 All Japan Championship at 97kg.[1] He ranked the 13th in the 1998 world championships the the 83kg class.[2] During his college years, he was also a trainee at Wajutsu Keishūkai's Real Japanese Wrestling. [3] [4] As an artist, he has participated in some art exhibitions.

In puroresu

Early days

Nakamura passed the entrance exam of New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 2001/9 and joined the dōjō in 2002/3. On 8/29, he had the debut match against Yasuda Tadao at Nippon Budōkan. He quickly began making a name for himself as a bright prospect for the company. Because of his excellent combination of strength, speed, and technical skills, he received an exceptional treatment from the company. Unlike other rookies, he was sent to New Japan's L.A. Dojo for mixed martial-arts training after his debut match.

He lost his first MMA match on 2002/12/31 to Daniel Gracie on the Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2002 at Saitama Super Arena. On 2003/5/2, he defeated Jan Nortje, a K-1 fighter, in an MMA match.

On 2003/6/13, he challenged and lost to Takayama Yoshihiro for the NWF Heavyweight Championship. In August, Nakamura participated in the annual G1 Climax less than a year since his debut.

Championships and MMA bouts

On 2003/12/9, Nakamura defeated Tenzan Hiroyoshi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, thus becoming the youngest wrestler in history to win the title. Few weeks later, on 12/31, he faced Alexey Ignashov on "K-1 PREMIUM 2003 Dynamite!!". During the match, he received a kick from Ignashov but quickly got up. However, the referee gave a decision as TKO. Nakamura and New Japan made complaints, and the decision was later changed to a no-contest.

Few days later, on 2004/1/4, the injured Nakamura defeated Takayama to unify the NWF title at Tokyo Dome.

Nakamura had a rematch against Ignoashov on 2004/5/22 in K-1 ROMANEX and won by submission.

On 2004/12/11, Nakamura & Tanahashi Hiroshi defeated Sasaki Kensuke & Suzuki Minoru to win the vacant IWGP Tag Team Championship. The champions left for an excursion to Mexico where they feuded with Los Guerreros del Infierno and defended their titles against Rey Bucanero & Olímpico. The team split after losing the title to Chōno Masahiro & Tenzan on 2005/10/30.

He challenged Brock Lesnar for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship on 2006/1/4 but lost in less than ten minutes.

As a heel

He was again sent to America on 2006/3. Initially, he was scheduled to wrestle with a mask to hide his indentity as a former IWGP champion. Howver, he had no match while he trained at the L.A. Dojo.

He was urgently brought back to Japan due to the departure of IWGP champion Brock Lesnar, who refused to return the third version of the championship belt to the company.

After returning on 2006/9/24, he joined Chōno. On 10/9, the new heel team defeated Chōshū Riki & Nakanishi Manabu when Nakamura pinned Chōshū with "landslide", his new finisher.

In 2006/11, Chōno & Nakamura won the annual G1 Tag League, defeating Tanahashi & Kanemoto Kōji in the final.

On 2006/12/10, Nakamura challenged Tanahashi for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship but lost. He faced Kawada Toshiaki for the first time on 2007/1/4 at Tokyo Dome.

He was out action for a while after 2007/3 due to cervical spine injury. He participated in the annual G1 Climax but again suffered shoulder injury when he lost to Nagata Yūji in the semi-final.

On 2007/8/26, Nakamura, still injured, joined Minoru, Milano Collection A.T., Gotō Hirooki, Giant Bernard, and Prince Devitt to establish a new stable, which was later named "RISE".

IWGP unification

He returned to the ring on 2007/11/11, and on 2008/1/4, he defeated Tanahashi to win the IWGP title. On 2007/2/17, he defeated Kurt Angle, who had defeated Lesnar for the third version of the belt, to become the undisputed IWGP heavyweight champion.

He lost the title to All Japan's Mutō Keiji on 2008/4/27.


On 2009/4/5, Nakamura formed a new group "CHAOS" with Yano Tōru and other former members of G.B.H. group who had split from Makabe Tōgi and Honma Tomoaki.

He lost to Makabe in the final of the G1 Climax in 2009/8. The day after the match, Tanahashi, who was injured by Nakamura in the semi-final, vacated the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. Nakamura defeated Makabe on 9/27 for the vacant title.

Since then, he defended the title against Ōtani Shinjirō (ZERO1), Tanahashi, Nagata, Takayama, Nakanishi, and Gotō, until finally losing the belt to Makabe on 2010/5/2.

On 2011/8/14, he finally won the G1 Climax tournament, defeating Naito Tetsuya in the finals.


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