NWA World Tag Team Championship (San Francisco)

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The first version of the NWA World Tag Team Championship was recognized by promoter Joe Malcewicz in San Francisco, California in 1950.

The championship had a very important role in the early days of puroresu. Ben & Mike Sharpe, the champions, were the first gaijin wrestlers to be remembered by the fans, as they faced the team of Rikidōzan & Kimura Masahiko in the non-title main event of the the first card promoted by Japan Pro-Wrestling Association on 1954/2/19. The Sharpes and the Japanese team again collided two day later for the title. Both matches ended as draw.

It also changed hands in Japan when Rikidōzan & Endō Kōkichi defeated the Sharpe Brothers on 1956/5/4 in Ōsaka and lost it back to the gaijin team in Sapporo on 5/19.

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