NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

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The NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship is a professional wrestling title.


The first mention of the title was seen in 1943/5 when Ken Fenelon was billed as champion by an Iowa promoter Pinkie George, who would later found the current version of the NWA in 1948.

Billy Goelz was the champion in Iowa when the NWA was formed in 1948/7. Though he was officially recgonized as the champion by the newly formed organization, he would lose to the National Wrestling Association champion Leroy McGuirk in a unification match on 1949/12/28 in Des Moines, IA.


There were several disputes over the championship.

During the first retirement of the champion Nelson Royal, another version of the title was started in 1979 by New Japan Pro-Wrestling and the promoters in Florida and Los Angeles, splitting in the lineage from the main line. When Chavo Guerrero held the title, he jumped from New Japan to All Japan Pro-Wrestling. This version was later renamed NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship by All Japan in 1982.

Some promters in the United States declared the title vacant in 1982 after the champion Tiger Mask, who also held WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship, wrestles for WWF. According to New Japan Pro-Wrestling, however, NWA Board announced that Tiger Mask was still recognized as champion at the annual convention in 1982/8. Tiger Mask vacated both titles in 1983/8 upon his first retirement

In 1983/11, The Cobra defeated Davey Boy Smith to win the NWA title which was vacated by Tiger Mask. In Georgia, however, former title holder Les Thornton was again billed as champion, winning a fictitious tournament in Manila, Phillipines. This version was forgotten soon after WWF took over Georgia Championship Wrestling in 1984/7.

After Thornton joined WWF, Hector Guerrero was billed as the champion by the Jim Crockett Promotions.

The Cobra continued to hold the title in Japan but vacated it on 1985/8/1. Soon after, the NWA first vice president Giant Baba recognized Denny Brown, who was recognized by JCP at the time, as the undisputed champion.

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