NWA United National Heavyweight Championship

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The NWA United National Heavyweight Championship, also shortened as "UN Championship", was a puroresu title controlled by the Japan Pro-Wrestling Association (JWA) and later by All Japan Pro-Wrestling through the membership with the National Wrestling Alliance. It is one of the three titles that were unified into the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship in 1989. Both JWA and the pre-Triple Crown All Japan considered this title to be the secondary heavyweight championship in the respective organizations.

It was created in the Los Angeles territory in late 1970; however, since Antonio Inoki brought the title back to Japan within half a year, it is believed that the championship was created for JWA. In fact, it was around the same time JWA started airing a weekly program on NET (today's TV Asahi) in addition to the existing show on Nippon Television. The three parties reached to an agreement that any match with Giant Baba would be aired on NTV while the NET show would feature Inoki as the top star. The United National Championship was a flagship title for the NET program.

The title continued to be held by the second top star of the JWA and All Japan while the top star held NWA International Heavyweight Championship. It was unified with International and PWF heavyweight championships by Jumbo Tsuruta into the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship on 1989/4/18.

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