NWA North American Tag Team Championship

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The NWA North American Tag Team Championship is the professional wrestling tag team championship sanction by the National Wrestling Alliance.

The NWA did not officially recognize any set of North American Tag Team Champions until 1998 while the various NWA members promoted their own version of the title.

In Japan, New Japan Pro-Wrestling recognized a version of the title in cooperation with NWA's Los Angeles territory. There have been no other versions in Japan.

Johnny Powers & Pat Patterson were the first recognized champions.

By 1974/5, Kurt Von Hess & Karl Von Schotz held the championship. Since they were also billed as NWF World Tag Team Champions around the same time, it was common for the fans to confuse the two different titles.

The title was retired on 1981/4/23 by the last champions Sakaguchi Seiji & Chōshū Riki in order to participate the International Wrestling Grand Prix.

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