Kurisu Masanobu

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Kurisu Masanobu
Ring name(s) Kurisu Masanobu
Masanobu Kurusu
Real name Kurisu Masanobu
Nickname(s) Isu Daiō (Chair King)
Billed height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Billed weight 100 kg (220 lb; 16 st)
Born 1946/11/15 (1946-11-15) (age 71)
Kimotsuki, Kagoshima
Shishō Antonio Inoki
Debut 1972/9/26

Kurisu Masanobu (栗栖 正伸?) is a Japanese professional wrestler, who's known for many stints in various promotions.


After graduating from Kokushikan University, Kurisu Masanobu went to Los Angeles to train to become a professional wrestler for about a year.[1] He returned to Japan and joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling dōjō in 1972/4 and debuted on 1972/9/26 in Chōshi, Chiba against Little Hamada[1]. He mainly wrestled in prelim matches during the first seven years of his career and also served as Antonio Inoki's tsukibito.[1] His rivalry with Arakawa Makoto, who is also from Kagoshima, was known as "Kagoshima Championship".

In 1979/2, Kurisu was sent to Mexico, where he would wrestle as a rudo (heel) under the name "Masanobu Kurusu".[1]

Kurisu joined the newly-formed Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1984 and started wrestling for All Japan Pro-Wrestling, with which Japan Pro had a working agreement. After Japan Pro broke up in 1987, he officially joined All Japan. He had his first retirement from All Japan in 1988/1.[1]

In 1989/9, Kurisu opened the "Kurisu Masanobu Training Gym" in Ōsaka and started training the wrestlers of the younger generation. Although his gym closed in 2004, he trained some of the top stars including Kanemoto Kōji, Raijin Akira, Okumura Shigeo, Kikutarō, and a former joshi star Nakanishi Momoe.

Kurisu returned to the ring in 1990 and wrestled for various independent groups, including Ōnita Atsushi's new promotion: Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. It was around this time he finally established his style a heel wrestler. Later, he would return to New Japan where he continued to gain popularity with his famous chair shots. Not only as a singles competitor, he is also remembered for teaming with Kim Duk.

He continued to wrestle for various independent organizations such as Pro-Wrestling ZERO1 and Big Mouth Loud. On 2008/12/18, Kurisu wrestled on a Shōwa Puroresu card at Kōrakuen Hall. He teamed with Ōnita and lost to Gran Hamada & Tsurumi Gorō.


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