Kudō Megumi

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Kudō Megumi
Ring name(s) Kudō Megumi
Real name Kudō Megumi
Billed height 163 cm (5 ft 4 in)
Billed weight 60 kg (130 lb; 9.4 st)
Born 1969/9/20 (1969-09-20) (age 48)
Koshigaya, Saitama
Resides Chiba
Shishō Jaguar Yokota
Debut 1986/8/8
Retired 1997/4/29

Kudō Megumi (工藤めぐみ?) is a retired Japanese professional wrestler, best known for her work in Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling.


All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (1986-1988)

Before entering joshi puroresu, Kudō Megumi practiced basketball in elementary and junior high schools. When she was 16, she joined the All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling dōjō and was trained by Jaguar Yokota. Kudō made her debut on 1986/8/8 in Higashi-Murayama, Tōkyō, against Maeda Kaoru. Besides Maeda, her class included the future stars such as Shishido Erika and Kimura Nobuko. Kudō was said to be the best in her class, and she was the runner-up in the class tournament which took place in 1987/8.[1] She left AJW in 1988/3, however.

Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling (1990-1997)

After leaving AJW, Kudō took a hiatus, working as a kindergarten teacher, until she was invited to join Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling by Ōnita Atsushi, which she accepted. On 1990/3/10, Kudō, along with fellow former AJW stars Toyoda Noriyo and Amada Reibun, did a run-in during a women's card at Kōrakuen Hall.[1]

Kudō made her FMW debut on 1990/3/13, teaming with Toyoda Noriyo, now known as Combat Toyoda, against Sato Miwa & Morimatsu Yuki.

On 1990/4/1, Kudō, Toyoda, and Amada formed a heel stable "Outbreakers". However, after losing a street fight match against Toyoda on 1990/8/4, she joined the babyface stable.[1]

Upon her debut, Kudō was quickly pushed into the top of the card, generally because of her looks. Despite that notion, she worked and trained hard, developing her skills significantly. She ended up being the top female wrestler in FMW and one of the most recognised female wrestlers in Japan during her heyday.

Kudō was in the first inter-gender tag team match in Japan, teaming with Ricky Fuji on 1990/10/26 in Mino-Kamo, Gifu.[1]

On 1992/9/19, Kudō & Toyoda lost to AJW's Bull Nakano & Hokuto Akira at Yokohama Stadium in the first ever interpromotional female match to take place in Japan.[2] This match was followed by the series of cards involving all joshi puroresu promotions that existed at the time.

Also in 1992, Kudō branched out by releasing a music CD, starring in a action film, and began to pose for modeling photobooks.

Kudō had her first barbed-wire death match when she defeated Shark Tsuchiya on 1995/9/5 in Sapporo.[1] Though Kudō did not work in death matches until later in her career, she was best known by English-speaking fans for her death matches, especially barbed wire death matches.[3][4]

On 1997/4/29, Kudō Megumi wrestled her last match as an active wrestler when she defeated Shark Tsuchiya for WWA and Independent World World Championships. She had a retirement ceremony on 6/13, where she vacated both of her titles.


Since retiring from the ring, Kudō Megumi has worked on various television programs, including a stint as a color commentator for pro wrestling events. She also hosts a weekly radio show in Japan.

Since 1998, she has been married to Bad Boy Hidō.


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