Kosugi Shunji

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Kosugi Shunji
Real name Kosugi Shunji
Billed height 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Billed weight 98 kg (220 lb; 15.4 st)
Born 1960/2/17 (1960-02-17) (age 57)
Sado, Niigata
Shishō Yamamoto Kotetsu
Fujinami Tatsumi
Fujiwara Yoshiaki
Karl Gotch
Debut 1981/1/11
Retired 1988/4/10

Kosugi Shunji (小杉俊二?) is a retired Japanese professional wrestler, who wrestled primarily for New Japan Pro-Wrestling.


Kosugi made his wrestling debut in 1981/2 for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. He spent much of his career in the mid-card. He was well known as the future Jūshin Thunder Liger's very first opponent, when Yamada Keiichi debuted on 1984/3/3. On 1985/4/18, he defeated Yamada to win the very first Young Lions Cup. For the next couple years, Kosugi would be used to test stars like Yamada and Hashimoto Shin'ya, among others. However, Kosugi would suffer a serious back injury, which limited his ability even further due to visceral disease. Heartbroken, Kosugi retired on 1988/4/10. His last recorded match was held on 1988/3/18, teaming up with Don Arakawa, losing to Hiro Saitō and Honaga Norio.


In 2010/9, Kosugi took part in a legends battle royal, held by Fujinami Tatsumi's Dradition promotion. It was Kosugi's first match in over 22 years. Although he lost, he received a huge ovation for bodyslamming Kikutarō.

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