Kido Osamu

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Kido Osamu
Real name Kido Osamu
Billed height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Billed weight 105 kg (230 lb; 16.5 st)
Born 1950/2/2 (1950-02-02) (age 68)
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Shishō Yusef Turko
Antonio Inoki
Karl Gotch
Debut 1969/2/21

Kido Osamu (木戸 修?) is a Japanese professional wrestler. He participated in the foundation of New Japan Pro-Wrestling in 1972.

His daughter Kido Megumi (木戸 愛?) is a golfer who turned pro in 2008.[1]


Kido Tokio, Osamu's older brother, joined the Japan Pro-Wrestling Association in 1963. However, he had spine injury during training sessions and was forced to quit before his debut. Tokio suffered the injury for rest of his life until his death on 1977/7/20. Osamu, who practiced jūdō, weight lifting, and basket ball during high school days, decided to follow his brother's dream and become a professional wrestler.

Osamu joined the JWA in 1968/10 and had his debut match on 1969/2/21 against Kitazawa Motoyuki.

When Antonio Inoki was expelled from the JWA in 1971 and formed New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the following year, Kido, along with Yamamoto Kotetsu and Fujinami Tatsumi, followed him. Kido and Fujinami, two rookies of New Japan, were sent to Europe in 1975. After participating in an international tournament in West Germany, Kido went to Florida to be trained by Karl Gotch, who would later refer to Kido as "my son" or "the one closest to my league".

On 1976/2/21, Kido had his first match back in Japan, teaming with Inoki. However, due to his simple wrestling style and lack of charisma or facial expression, he was usually in the mid-card or prelim matches.

However, Kido joined the newly-formed Universal Wrestling Federation in 1984/9 with the recommendation by Gotch. His skills in mat wrestling lead his popularity, and Kido won the 1985 league of the organization.

Most of the UWF wrestlers returned to New Japan in 1985/12, and Kido's technique was showcased upper in the cards. In 1986/8, he and Maeda Akira won the IWGP Tag Team Championship, which is Kido's only title in his career.

Maeda formed the second UWF in 1988, and eventually other former UWF wrestlers joined him. However, Kido decided to stay in New Japan because "Gotch-san wasn't there".

His wrestling style was featured during an interpromotional feud between New Japan and Wrestle Associaion R, which lacked submission wrestlers like Kido.

On 2001/11/2, his retirement card was held at Yokohama Cultural Gym. In the retirement match, Kido teamed with Chōshū Riki to face Fujinami & Kimura Kengo. During the ceremony a letter from Gotch was read.

He returned to the ring for a new promotion Big Mouth Loud on 2005/9/11.


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