Japanese Junior Heavyweight Championship

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Japanese Junior Heavyweight Championship (日本ジュニア・ヘビー級選手権?) was a puroresu title recognized by Japan Pro-Wrestling Association.

The title was created during the interpromotional Japanese Weight Division Championships in 1956/10 for the division between 86.28kg (190ld) and 99.88kg (220lb).

The first round matches of the tournament to crown the first champion took place on 1956/10/15, and most matches were said to be "shoot" since the card was not open to the media or public and some matches ended with forfeit due to injuries. This theory is also supported by the declining of non-JPWA promotions and recruiting of some of the participants by Rikidōzan for his own JPWA after the tournament.

It was rarely defended and was basically forgotten after it was awarded to Yoshinosato Junzō in 1960.

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