Hashimoto Daichi

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Hashimoto Daichi
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Ring name(s) Hashimoto Daichi
Billed height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Billed weight 80 kg (180 lb; 13 st)
Born 1992/4/13 (1992-04-13) (age 25)
Shishō Chono Masahiro
Otani Shinjiro
Debut 2011/3/6

Hashimoto Daichi (橋本 大地?) is a Japanese professional wrestler. He is the son of Hashimoto Shin'ya.

Early life

Hashimoto Daichi grew up on professional wrestling, watching his father Shin'ya and his "uncles" Chono and Mutoh Keiji. When his father died tragically in 2005/7, Daichi made up his mind that he wanted to follow his father's footsteps and become a professional wrestler. In 2008/2, after unifying the NJPW and IGF versions of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, Nakamura Shinsuke gave him one of the belts (the second generation belt, in which Daichi's father was the first holder in 1997).


In 2009/9, Hashimoto Daichi decided to participate in an exhibition kickboxing match against Kobayashi Satoru on ZERO1's Hashimoto Shin'ya 25th Anniversary card. Hashimoto fought Kobayashi to a two-round draw. After the match, Hashimoto expressed his desire to become a professional wrestler. Chono and Otani picked up on his desire and trained him for over a year and a half.


Pro Wrestling ZERO1 (2011-2014)

After a year and a half of training, Hashimoto Daichi debuted on ZERO1's 10th Anniversary show on 2011/3/6, losing to Chono. Fifteen days later, he wrestled his other uncle Mutoh in AJPW and lost. In ZERO1, Otani let Hashimoto learn from his losses, by paying his dues and building himself up, similar to when Giant Baba built up Kobashi Kenta in AJPW many years ago.

Hashimoto won his very first match (a tag team match) in 2011/4. He recieved his very first title shot in 2011/8, as he and Otani failed to win the NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship. In 2011/12, he participated in his first league (ZERO1's Furinkazan Tag Team League teaming with Akebono) and finished third in Block B.

2012 kicked off with Hashimoto finally winning a singles match. In 2012/4, Hashimoto participated in his second league (NOAH's Global Tag League with Otani) and finished 5th. In 2012/7, he participated in his first singles tournament, the Fire Festival. In 2014/4, Hashimoto announced that he was not resigning with ZERO1 after his contract expired on 3/31.

Inoki Genome Federation (2014-present)

On 2014/6/5, Hashimoto announced that he signed with Inoki Genome Federation and would make his debut with the promotion on 7/13. In 2015/6, he began wrestling for Big Japan Pro Wrestling, splitting his time between the two promotions.