Gō Ryūma

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Gō Ryūma
Ring name(s) Gō Ryūma
Ninja Gō
Mr. Gō
Real name Yagi Hisohi
Nickname(s) Puroresu Baka
Billed height 185 cm (6 ft 1 in)
Billed weight 108 kg (240 lb; 17.0 st)
Born 1956/3/23(1956-03-23)
Died 2009/10/18 (aged 53)
Shishō Yoshiwara Isao
Debut 1972/9/9

Gō Ryūma (剛 竜馬?) was a Japanese professional wrestler. His real name is Yagi Hiroshi (八木 宏?).


Hiroshi Yagi became a pro-wrestler though IWE's first audition in the summer of 1971 when he was only 15 years old. He was sent to Europe in 1973, and when he came to Japan in 1976, he was named "Gō Ryūma" by the fan votes.

In 1978, Gō became a "free lancer" (only on paper; joined New Japan Pro-Wrestling in fact) and went to the U.S. to be trained by the legendary Hiro Matsuda in Tampa, Florida.

In the summer of the same year, Gō started a 2-year feud with Fujinami Tatsumi for the prestigeous WWF Junior Heavyweight Championship. Gō finally won the title by defeating Fujinami on 1979/10/2 in Osaka and lost it back few days later. Afterwards, he basically became a mid-carder and rarely made the television appearances.

After IWE closed in 1981, Rusher Kimura, Animal Hamaguchi, and Teranishi Isamu joined New Japan as a heel stable Shin Kokusai Gundan (新国際軍団?) (New International Army). Gō and Strong Kobayashi joined the fellow former IWE stars but both left after few years.

Gō was one of the wrestlers who joined the original UWF along with Rusher Kimura, Maeda Akira, Gran Hamada, and Mach Hayato.

After the conflict within UWF, Kimura, Gō, and Hamada joined All Japan Pro-Wrestling. Kimura and Gō, along with Tsurumi Gorō, formed Kokusai Ketsumeigun (国際血盟軍?), a stable of the former IWE wrestlers. Gō was soon fired, however.

In 1989, Gō started Pioneer Senshi, the first ever "independent" promotion in Japan. He became a free lancer soon after and wrestled for various organizations including New Japan and WAR.

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