Fuyuki Kōdō

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Fuyuki Kōdō
Ring name(s) Fuyuki Kōdō
Fuyuki Hiromichi
Samson Fuyuki
Ricky Fuyuki
Real name Fuyuki Hiromichi
Billed height 181 cm (5 ft 11+12 in)
Billed weight 110 kg (240 lb; 17 st) - 128 kg (280 lb; 20.2 st)
Born 1960/5/11(1960-05-11)
Tōkyō, Japan
Died 2003/3/19 (aged 42)
Yokohama, Japan
Shishō Mighty Inoue
Tenryū Gen'ichirō
Haru Sonoda
Debut 1980/5/4
Retired 2002/4/14

Fuyuki Hiromichi (冬木 弘道?) was a Japanese professional wrestler and promoter who competed in All Japan Pro-Wrestling, Super World Sports, WAR and other Japanese and international promotions during the 1980s and 1990s as the leader of 6-man tag team Fuyuki-Gun with Gedō and Jadō.

He is best known, however, as a mainstay of Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling, as a founding member of the stable Team No Respect.


Fuyuki Hiromichi made his debut for International Wrestling Enterprise against Yonemura Tsutomu on 1980/5/4 at Mombetsu City Sports Center in Hokkaidō. Unfortunately, the company folded, and in 1981/8, Fuyuki debuted in All Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he became a tsukibito for Tenryū Gen'ichirō. In 1985, he began going by the name Samson Fuyuki. In 1987, he joined Tenryū Gen'ichirō's Tenryu Dōmei, and formed the tag team Footloose with Kawada Toshiaki. He and Kawada would hold the All Asia Tag Team Championship on three occasions, before disbanding in 1990/4.

In 1990/7, Fuyuki defected to Super World Sports. After SWS folded in 1992/6, he followed Tenryū to WAR, where he became the top heel of the promotion. In early 1994, he started to form an alliance with Jadō and Gedō as Fuyuki-Gun. Together, they would hold the WAR World Six-Man Tag Team Championship on five occasions. It was around this time when Fuyuki started wrestling under the name Kōdō (弘道?) (same combination of kanji with different pronunciation).

In 1997/2, Fuyuki joined Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling. As the years gone by, Fuyuki was slowly gaining power as the booker, booking with a more sports entertainment approach and toning down the hardcore death matches FMW were known for. However, the changes were not positive, and within months, began financial problems. The mix of Fuyuki's booking and financial troubles caused many people to leave the promotion. Between 2001/10 and 2002/1, two of FMW's main stars Hayabusa and Mr. Gannosuke were injured. In 2002/2, FMW shut down due to bankruptcy.

After FMW shut down, Fuyuki formed World Entertainment Wrestling in 2002/3. On 2002/4/7, Fuyuki had a singles match against Misawa Mitsuharu on a Pro-Wresting NOAH card.

Two days later, however, Fuyuki announced his retirement due to colorectal cancer (later diagnosed as rectum cancer).

Because Fuyuki had not yet promoted the first WEW card, Misawa and NOAH helped him for his retirement card. Fuyuki teamed with Misawa and and Ogawa Yoshinari to defeat Taue Akira, Inoue Masao, and Kikuchi Tsuyoshi on 2002/4/14 at Differ Ariake in his retirement match. The guests for the ceremony included New Japan's Nagata Yūji, Jadō & Gedō, and Tenryū.

WEW's first card took place on 2002/5/5 at Kawasaki Stadium.


Fuyuki continued to promote events for WEW during the next year and planned to come out of retirement to face Hashimoto Shin'ya on 2003/5/5 at Kawasaki. However, the cancer had spread to his liver, and he passed away on 2003/3/19 at the age of 42.

Fuyuki was survived by his wife Kaoru, whom he married in 1986/11, and his two daughters.