Dory Funk Jr.

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Dory Funk Jr.
Ring name(s) Dory Funk Jr.
Hoss Funk
Real name Dory Earnest Funk, Jr.
Billed height 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Billed weight 115 kg (250 lb; 18.1 st)
Born 1941/2/19 (1941-02-19) (age 77)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Shishō Dory Funk Sr.
Debut 1963/7
Retired 2008/3/1

Dory Earnest Funk Jr., better known as Dory Funk Jr. (b. 1941/2/3) is a retired professional wrestler, promoter, and trainer. He is the son of Dory Funk Sr. and older brother of Terry Funk.

Professional wrestling career

Just four months after his debut, Dory challenged Lou Thesz for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in 1963/11. He won the title at the young age of 26, defeating Gene Kiniski in 1969. Dory, who had famous 60 minute matches against Antonio Inoki, was the first champion to defend the title in Japan since Thesz. Dory's reign as the world champion lasted four years and three months. Also, he and his younger brother Terry are the only brothers to win the World Heavyweight Title. Even after losing the title to Harley Race in 1973, Dory, often having Terry as his tag team partner, continued to win regional titles throughout the United States as well as the prestigeous International Championships in Japan.

As one of the most popular gaijin wrestlers ever to step in the Japanese ring, Dory had great success not only as a competitor but also as trainer and booker for Giant Baba's All Japan Pro-Wrestling. His trainees include former top stars of All Japan such as Jumbo Tsuruta and Tenryū Gen'ichirō as well as New Japan Pro-Wrestling's Nishimura Osamu.

He continues to train the wrestlers at his Funking Conservatory in Ocala, Florida.

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